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Canadian singer Justin Bieber checks into New York hospital after getting swollen testicles

By Mason White 4:22 PM August 30, 2017
Justin Bieber playing soccer
Justin Bieber playing soccer
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A recent lawsuit filing in New York, revealed that Canadian singer Justin Bieber, checked himself into hospital in New York.

People close to Bieber, denied rumors that the singer went to the Northwell Health hospital emergency room in Long Island, to check whether he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

Instead, they claim that Bieber received a groin injury while playing soccer.

Bieber of Stratford, Ontario, became concerned after a soccer ball hit his testicles and they got swollen.

The singer feared that his arteries became twisted, cutting off his blood flow.

However, a doctor confirmed that his testicles were just swollen due to trauma.

The swelling disappeared after a few days.

Officials at the hospital called for a meeting with employees during which they accused Kelly Lombardo of accessing Bieber’s medial files.

Lombardo denies the allegations, but she was fired.

Lombardo hired attorney David H. Rosenberg, who filed a wrongful termination lawsuit with the New York Division of Human Rights.

Rosenberg claimed that his client was fired because she is a woman.

Lombardo reported that she is suffering emotional distress as a result of being fired.