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Sex offender arrested for pretending to be police officer and trying to kidnap two women

By Mason White 12:19 PM August 30, 2017
Louis Winston Scott
Louis Winston Scott
By: Emily Lewis

Police have arrested a man after he impersonated a police officer and attempted to kidnap women.

Police in Mississippi, said that the bizarre incident began
at around 1:40 a.m. A woman was traveling north on Old Hwy 45, north of Barnes Crossing Road.

The victim noticed a vehicle behind her activated blue and red flashing lights from inside the car.

The victim pulled over to the right, and the suspect, 44-year-old Louis Winston Scott, pulled up beside her.

He rolled down the passenger window and shouted at the victim. The suspect then turned off the flashing lights and drove away.

The suspect then pulled into the Dollar General parking lot and waited for his next victim.

When he spotted a female driver, he activated the red and blue flashing lights and followed the victim.

When she pulled over, the suspect exited the vehicle, approached the victim, and displayed a knife.

The terrified victim fled the scene, and called 911. Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies met the victim in a safe area and took her statement.

Later that same day, Union County police received a report of a similar suspect making contact with another female victim.

Lee County Sheriff Investigators and Union County Sheriff Investigators worked together in comparing these cases and have discovered that Scott was behind them.

Scott was arrested on charges of attempted kidnapping. Scott has previously been arrested for sexual battery and kidnapping in Union County. He is a registered sex offender.