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Thief’s leg got stuck in security gate as he tried to get inside store leaving him trapped for hours

By Mason White 9:44 AM August 31, 2017
The suspect trapped in the door
The suspect trapped in the door
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A would-be robber was busted after his leg got stuck in a security gate.

A shop owner in Fujian, China, released surveillance video, showing a man lying outside of the store for hours, after he got stuck while trying to rob the place.

It was in the early hours of Monday morning, when the shirtless man spotted a worker leaving the secured parking area on a motorcycle.

When the worker drove away, the thief tried getting inside as the electronic security gate was closing.

Once inside, the thief would have had a lot of time to rob the store and leave.

However, his plans were thwarted as he did not act quick enough and the security gate closed on his leg.

The suspect tried to pull the door to free his leg, but he was unsuccessful. After some time, he gave up trying and he lied down flat on his back.

The incident unfolded at 4:00 a.m., so he was trapped for hours until people woke up in the morning, saw him there and called police.

In the video, police were seen questioning people and the suspect as he lied trapped in the door.