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Thief stabbed woman and 2 good Samaritans during robbery before being held at gunpoint by another witness

By Mason White 9:53 AM August 31, 2017
Bobby Martin Watson
Bobby Martin Watson
By: Mason White

A man in Florida, was arrested for stabbing three people before he was stopped by a man who held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

According to deputies, Rosanna Lynd, 44, was sitting in her vehicle, a Toyota Highlander, in the parking lot of the Publix in Seminole.

The suspect, 49-year-old Bobby Martin Watson, approached her victim while the vehicle door was open, and reached over her and grabbed her purse.

The victim began to struggle with Watson, who then stabbed her one time in the abdomen and one time in the left thigh.

A good Samaritan, Christopher McMann, 44, observed the struggle, and came to Lynd’s aid. However, he was soon stabbed one time in the upper back by Watson.

Deputies said that Watson then fled toward the Seminole City Shopping Center. McMann and another good Samaritan, Travis Jones, 31, chased him.

Good Samaritan number three, Donald Rush, 40, who observed the altercation, retrieved a handgun from his vehicle and joined in the foot pursuit.

McMann and Jones were able to tackle Watson in the parking lot of the Seminole City Shopping Center. However, Watson did not go down without a fight. He stabbed Jones in the abdomen during the struggle.

Good Samaritan number three was able to disarm Watson by holding him at gunpoint until deputies arrived and arrested him.

Lynd, McMann and Jones were all transported to the Bayfront medical center with non-life threatening injuries.

The suspect was transported to the Pinellas County Jail, after being medically cleared.

Watson was charged with armed robbery and three counts of aggravated battery with deadly weapon/great bodily harm.