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Man beats up his father’s mistress in street after blaming her for his parents’ ruined marriage

By Mason White 9:47 AM August 31, 2017
The victim lying on the road
The victim lying on the road
By: Alexis Bell

A man was caught on video beating his father’s mistress in public.

The man of Henan, China, ambushed the woman on the street and brutally beat her while a group of people gathered to watch the attack.

In the graphic video, the man was seen dragging the woman by the hair to the middle of the road before kicking her in the stomach, hitting her on the head and cursing her for sleeping with his father.

He then dragged her by the hair back to the side of the street and he stopped next to a white car, which had the door open, and he continued the assault on the woman.

By that time, a large crowd had gathered and watched as the woman was being beaten, and kicked in the head and face, but no one stopped the brutal attack.

Two men were seen trying to intervene by talking to the suspect and asking him to stop, but they did not pull him away from the victim.

According to witnesses, the man was screaming at his father’s mistress and blaming her for his parents’ broken marriage.

People recorded the acts of violence and handed the videos over to Yuzhou City police, who are investigating the incident. It was also uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral.