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20-year-old Scottish woman gang raped by 3 British men on beach in Spain

By Mason White 3:14 PM August 31, 2017
Woman on beach (illustration)
Woman on beach (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

Police launched an investigation after a woman from Scotland, was found crying and with torn clothes on a beach, according to police in Spain.

The Guardia Civil said that its agents are trying to locate several young men, who were accused by the 20-year-old woman of sexually assaulting her on the beach in front of Punta Ballena Street, on Magaluf Beach.

Apparently, the gang rape took place on Friday night into Saturday morning.

The woman reported that she came to Magaluf for a vacation.

She went to the beach with one of the suspects, and his two friends joined them.

The three men tore her clothes and took chances raping her all night.

The woman screamed for help and cried, but nobody came to her aid.

In the morning, someone called an ambulance and the woman was taken to the hospital.

The doctors who treated the woman told police that she kept crying.

Police took the woman’s torn clothes analyze them for possible DNA evidence.

The woman also managed to take a photo of one of the suspects, and she handed it over to police.

Police confirmed that the three attackers are foreigners, possibly British, and probably returned to their home country shortly after the gang rape.

So far, no arrests have been made.