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12-year-old girl commits suicide after being shamed by teacher over leaking period blood

By Mason White 11:45 AM September 1, 2017
The victim and the suicide note
The victim and the suicide note
By: Tanya Clark

Police were called to a school to disperse a crowd who came to protest the death of a young teenager who committed suicide after being shamed by her teacher.

The 12-year-old girl of India, left behind a note, stating that she committed suicide because her teacher humiliated her in front of her entire class.

The girl wrote that she was having her period when menstrual blood leaked. When her teacher realized that the student stained her clothes and seat, she became angry.

The teacher scolded the girl, who was in 7th grade at Senthil Nagar school in Tamil Nadu, for making a mess.

The girl took her life by jumping off the balcony of a neighbor’s home.

Her horrified parents said that they did not know that their daughter was suicidal and only learned of her reasons after finding the note.

The incident provoked protests from the parents of students at the school, who were angry over the teacher’s harsh reaction that led to the girl’s death.

Police managed to break the crowd and promised to investigate the incident.