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Disney apologizes for banning 3-year-old boy from dressing up and attending all girls Princess party

By Mason White 11:58 AM September 1, 2017
Noah McLean-Glass
Noah McLean-Glass
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A mother said that she was furious when Disneyland in Paris, France, refused to allow her son to attend an all girls Princess dress-up party.

Hayley McLean-Glass from Devon, England, wrote an open letter on her blog about the incident.

“I was scrolling through a Disney Facebook group one day, I came across some beautiful photos of little girls dressed up as Princesses for Princess For A Day shoots at the Disneyland Hotel.

“Noah, who was sitting next to me, saw these too and was buzzing with excitement as he loves the character.

“I decided I’d like to book him for the experience. I knew that there would be nothing he’d love more than to get to wear a pretty dress, put makeup on like mommy does and have his photo taken while being like one of his beloved Disney Princesses.”

She emailed the company for a reservation, but she got a response that made her “shake in anger.”

The email, according to the mother, read: “Thank you for your email and your interest in Disneyland Paris. At this time, it is not possible to book Princess For A Day for a boy.

“However, we would be happy to arrange a tailored gift pack with some Princess themed items such as an autograph book, cuddly toy, and playset, for the total price of 300 Euro ($355).”

After publicly accusing Disneyland of discriminating against her child because he is a boy, the company apologized and said that it will not happen again.

McLean-Glass pointed out that Disneyland does not have an exclusive boys party for example with Superman or Spiderman as they do for girls.

McLean-Glass said that Disneyland Paris has a Pride day on October 20th, which is advertised as “Celebrating Diversity at Disneyland Paris.”

McLean-Glass asked: “So does that statement apply only on October 20th? If we visit you on that day will you allow my son to be himself and have the princess experience? Is October 20th the only day that diversity is permitted in your parks?”