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Naked man rides on Walmart shopping cart

By Mason White 12:14 PM September 1, 2017
Jacob Steiner
Jacob Steiner
By: Tanya Clark

Police were called to a Walmart store in Florida, after a man was seen giving himself a ride on a Walmart shopping cart while not wearing any clothes.

West Palm Beach police said that they received numerous calls from people who spotted the naked man running through the Walmart parking lot.

When the officer arrived in the 4200 block of 45th Street, a man pointed them in the direction where he observed the naked man riding on the Walmart shopping cart.

Police found the man who was identified as 25-year-old Jacob Steiner, and arrested him for indecent exposure, disorderly intoxication and trespassing after security guards warned him to leave.

The arrest report described Steiner as “a well-known illegal narcotics user” whose alleged behavior is “unfortunately a very common practice for him.”

Police said the incident took place in broad daylight in full view of men, women and children.

Walmart Loss Prevention said that Steiner had previously been warned to stay away. Steiner, who is homeless, was arrested after he was checked by doctors at a hospital.