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Twitter night mode now on desktop Chrome and Firefox

By Mason White 2:12 AM September 7, 2017
Twitter night mode desktop
Desktop Twitter night mode
By: William Martin

Twitter has finally rolled out its popular night mode feature on desktop computers using the Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Twitter first introduced its night mode feature on phones for those users who want to look through their tweets in middle of the night.

When you turn on night mode desktop, the screen goes from bright white to deep blue.

Twitter introduced this feature after users complained that browsing through Twitter in middle of the light hurts the eyes.

The darkened Twitter aims to ease the pressure on the eyes and makes it more comfortable for users who just woke up or cannot fall asleep.

Switching on the Twitter night mode desktop feature is very easy.

After logging into your account, click on your small profile photo located on the upper right of your screen next to the search box.

When the menu appears, look all the way down to the final option.

There you will see the words night mode next to an icon of the moon.

Click on night mode, and your screen turns to deep blue.

To turn off the Twitter night mode desktop, just click on night mode again, and your screen will return to normal.