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Woman impersonates police and leads ex-boyfriend to believe he was on curfew to keep him from dating other women

By Mason White 12:56 PM September 3, 2017
Lauren Adderley and Mitchell Lloyd
Lauren Adderley and Mitchell Lloyd
By: Emily Lewis

A woman of the United Kingdom, managed to keep her ex-boyfriend from dating other women for two years after he broke up with her.

21-year-old Lauren Adderley of Shropshire, who worked as an administration assistant, dated 22-year-old Mitchell Lloyd for just two months before he broke up with her.

Adderley did not take the breakup well and she made it her mission to stop him from dating other women.

The jilted woman set up Facebook and email accounts, and used them for what police called a “sophisticated catfish style behaviour.”

She convinced her former boyfriend that he was part of a police investigation. Lloyd was told that until the end of the investigation, he must comply with a curfew.

She was so convincing that Lloyd did as he was told. Since he was unable to leave his home, his social life was ruined and Lloyd became depressed, according to court records.

After two years, Lloyd confided in a workmate, who encouraged him to go to police. He soon learned that he was not involved in any police investigation.

Detectives then investigated the impostor and arrested Adderley.

In court, Adderley pleaded guilty to impersonating a police officer and stalking. A Shrewsbury Crown Court judge ordered Adderley to serve nine months in prison.

She was also banned from having contact with the victim and her Internet use will be monitored.