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Cafe server took pictures of female customers and uploaded images on Twitter with sexual comments

By Mason White 4:17 PM September 3, 2017
Woman at cafe (illustration)
Woman at cafe (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

An employee of a cafe lost his job after taking photos of female customers and posting them on the Internet, according to police in South Korea.

The Jeju Provincial Police said that they have launched an investigation against the 36-year-old man after several women filed complaints against him.

The cafe worker is facing charges of provoking sexual humiliation.

According to the police investigation, the suspect, who was not identified, worked at a cafe located near the Hyeopjae Beach.

The man took photos of women who visited the cafe, and posted the images to Twitter.

The man also made sexual comments alongside each photo.

When the women came back to the cafe to complain about the suspect’s conduct, the manager fired the employee.

The suspect eventually deleted all the images along with his Twitter account.

The woman still filed charges against the suspect, saying they suffered sexual humiliation as a result of the cafe worker’s photos and comments.