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Truck drivers steal $100,000 worth of cashews from employer

By Mason White 4:21 PM September 3, 2017
Cashews (illustration)
Cashews (illustration)
By: William Martin

Two company employees and their accomplices conspired to steal thousands of dollars worth of cashews, which were being delivered to a customer, according to police in Nigeria.

Lagos police said that they have arrested 35-year-old Azeez Raimi and 34-year-old Olufemi Kayode, after stealing 400 bags of cashews from their employer.

Police also arrested the employees’ accomplices, 46-year-old Adeboye Bakare and Tunde Hassan.

All four suspects have been charged with conspiracy, theft and receiving stolen goods.

They were booked into jail, and bail has been set at $1,400 each.

According to the police investigation, Raimi and Kayode worked as truck drivers for Simeon Imhonwa, who owns and operates a company that sells nuts.

One day, Raimi and Kayode were delivering 400 bags of cashews worth $100,000 when they conspired with Bakare and Hassan to steal the nuts.

When the customer alerted Imhonwa that the shipment of cashews did not arrive, the employer filed a complaint with the police.

Police tracked down all the suspects and arrested them.

Investigators believe that the 4 suspects were trying to sell the cashews on their own and keep the money for themselves.