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Prostitutes making lots of money selling sperm from clients’ used condoms

By Mason White 7:54 AM September 9, 2017
AWoman holding condoms illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
Men are not happy with news that prostitutes have been selling their sperm for money.

A 19-year-old prostitute in Gwanda, Zimbabwe, revealed that women are making a lot of money by collecting and selling sperm.

The product is being sold to truck drivers who cross the border and have ready markets for it in South Africa.

According to the teen prostitute who identified herself as Monica, the truck drivers are buying sperm from them for as much as $30 for 250 ml of the male reproductive fluid.

Monica said that women collect sperm from condoms used by their clients.

According to Monica, it seems that truck drivers are making a fortune in the trade as they travel with ice coolers filled with semen which they collect along their route from Zambia to South Africa.

Monica said that every time she hands over sperm to truck drivers she sees the cooler filled with sperm bottles, which suggests that they have a large network of people who are working to collect the sperm and a ready market them in South Africa.

Monica said that since their secret side business was exposed, some men are now demanding to take away their condoms in order to dispose of them.

“There are also some women who do not know where we sell the sperm. They come to us and sell used condoms for up to $5 each,” Monica said.

Monica said that the truck drivers were selling sperm to companies manufacturing hair products in South Africa.

A woman who was with Monica, said that people buy the sperm to manufacture male organ enlargement herbs and aphrodisiacs.