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British man exploited kids around world and convinced U.S. girl to molest her 10-month-old sister

By Mason White 1:21 PM September 4, 2017
Paul Leighton
Paul Leighton
By: Tanya Clark

A perverted man is believed to be the first person to be jailed for raping children despite the fact that he never meet his victims.

32-year-old Paul Leighton of Seaham, England, is accused of blackmailing kids from around the world into performing sex acts on themselves and on other children while he and other perverts watched.

Leighton set up many fake social media accounts with fake profiles, on which he pretended to be a child in order to groom hundreds of kids online.

After being in contact with the kids, he convinced them to remove their clothes and perform sex acts while he watched on webcams.

The FBI is seeking to have Leighton extradited to the United States, after the British courts sentence him so he can face charges for exploiting children.

According to court records, Leighton convinced a 15-year-old girl in the United States, to sexually assault her 10-month-old baby sister for his sexual gratification.

Detective Sergeant Peter Morgan said that Leighton victimized children in America, Canada, and Australia, and there may be many more who have not yet reported the abuse to the authorities.

Leighton pleaded guilty at the Newcastle Crown Court to 19 charges, including three counts of rapes, two counts of sexual assaults on girls under 13, four counts of causing or inciting grooming, making and distributing indecent photographs, and three counts of blackmail.

Superintendent Michael Barton, digital forensics lead at Northumbria Police, said that this case is a “chilling reminder” of the dangers posed to children talking to strangers online.

“Unfortunately we live in a world where sick, vile creatures like Paul Leighton take advantage of young children using the internet,” he said.

He added that parents should speak to their children and keep an eye on their online activities.

Leighton is being held without bail as he awaits his sentencing.