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10-year-old boy dies after being poisoned by refrigerator in vacation home

By Mason White 6:34 PM September 4, 2017
Matt and Sarah Klebs with their children
Matt and Sarah Klebs with their children
By: Alexis Bell

A family in Alaska, is mourning the loss of a young boy who died while on vacation with his family.

The family wrote on GoFundMe that on Saturday, an exhaust leak from a faulty refrigerator, caused carbon monoxide to fill the recreational cabin of Matt and Sarah Klebs.

The couple had three children, Connor 14, Gavin, 10, and Caroline, 8.

Sarah and her two youngest kids were at the cabin located in Big Lake.

As a result of the leak, Gavin passed away, while Sarah and Caroline required extensive medical treatment in Seattle, Washington.

“The physical and emotional devastation of this tragedy is unspeakable, not to mention the financial obligations from the medical care for Sarah and Caroline,” the family wrote on GoFundMe.

Sarah and Caroline were released from the hospital after several days of treatment.

They are doing exceptionally well.

Sarah’s doctor shook his head while reviewing her discharge instructions, and remarked that he did not get many cases of carbon monoxide poisoning this bad, and even fewer in which patients made a full recovery and so quickly.

Caroline is still weak and somewhat cognitively slow when she was discharged.

However, she started school and has returned to her normal physical activities.

“It is nothing short of a miraculous recovery for the two of them, and the family continues to be overwhelmed with appreciation for the help and support they have received,” the family wrote in a statement.

Speaking about her ordeal, Sarah said that when her children began vomiting and complaining of headaches, she thought they got the flu.

Sarah gave them Advil, and sent the kids to bed.

All three then passed out.

Concerned family members became concerned when Sarah did not respond to their text messages.

They drove to the cabin and found all three unconscious.

Police launched an investigation, and they found that the refrigerator malfunctioned and leaked carbon monoxide into the cabin.

There was no carbon monoxide detector in the home.