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Truck driver defecates in medication container and drops it off at pharmacy

By Mason White 6:32 PM September 4, 2017
Toilet (illustration)
Toilet (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A truck driver was fired after delivering a plastic container full of feces to a pharmacy, according to the Employment Appeals Tribunal of Ireland.

John Flood of Kildorrery, has filed an unfair dismissal complaint against Limerick Pharma Logistics, claiming that he was not given a fair warning before being fired.

Flood was a director and the delivery person for Limerick Pharma Logistics.

One day, while making his morning deliveries, Flood had to use the toilet.

After being unable to find a public restroom, Flood decided to relieve himself into one of the plastic medication containers.

Flood planned to clean the container after he completed the deliveries.

However, he forgot all about the dirty container and left it in his truck.

Later that day, while Flood made his afternoon deliveries, he dropped off the container containing his feces at a pharmacy.

Employees of the pharmacy quickly opened the container because it had a bad smell.

They were shocked to see that instead of medication, the plastic container was full of feces.

The pharmacy contacted Limerick Pharma Logistics, and notified the company that Flood is banned from making deliveries.

In response, Limerick Pharma Logistics fried Flood.

Flood filed a complaint with the Employment Appeals Tribunal, but it ruled that Limerick Pharma Logistics had the right to terminate the employment without prior warning.