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Woman held hostage in house where she was severely beaten and forced to have sex with men after going there to buy drugs

By Mason White 1:11 PM September 4, 2017
Serenity Stephenson, (top L) Natosha Anderson, Vincent Ovalle (bottom L) and Dexter Benning
Serenity Stephenson, (top L) Natosha Anderson,
Vincent Ovalle (bottom L) and Dexter Benning
By: Alexis Bell

A woman suffered horrific injuries after she was held hostage, beaten and forced to have sex with men.

Police in Lansing, Michigan, have arrested two men and two women for carrying out the severe abuse.

According to court records, the victim went to the home of 23-year-old Vincent Ovalle, to buy marijuana.

Ovalle told the woman to come into his basement so she followed him. Once inside, he refused to allow her to leave as he accused the victim of owing him $280.

He kept the woman hostage for three days.

During that time, Ovalle, his girlfriend Natosha Anderson, and Serenity Stephenson, took turns beating the victim with belts and cords while she was naked.

The victim suffered a broken nose, two black eyes and bruises all over her body. A detective described the injuries as “some of the worst bruising he has ever seen.”

Ovalla took photos of the victim and posted them online, where he sought people to have sex with the victim. He then took the money as payment for the debt he claimed she owed him.

One man who came to the home, was Dexter Benning, a 30-year-old homeless person. He used a broom stick and glass bottle to rape the victim.

The women were accused of force feeding her drug at night so that she would fall asleep and they would not have to worry about keeping an eye on her.

The victim told detectives that during one beating, she heard the two women discuss the fact that Ovalle was forcing them to beat her.

They said that they were ordered to carry out the beatings and they wanted to avoid getting in trouble themselves. At one point, Ovalle held a gun to all three women, according to the victim.

On the third day, another woman heard Anderson and Stephenson talking about the victim, and she decided to rescue her.

She hatched an escape plan by offering to drive the victim to the location, where she was supposed to have sex with a man who answered an ad on the Internet.

However, instead of going to the pre-arranged location, the woman took the victim to her home.

Police were called and arrested Ovalle, Benning, Stephenson and Anderson.

All of them were charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, torture, unlawful imprisonment and assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder.

Anderson’s attorney claimed that she is also a victim. Prosecutors agreed to drop the criminal sexual conduct charge against Anderson.

All four suspects face life in prison if convicted of the crimes.