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Husband who caught his wife cheating with her boss was charged with unlawful surveillance

By Mason White 12:35 PM September 5, 2017
Nancy and Sean Donis
Nancy and Sean Donis
By: Alexis Bell

A man who was looking for his son’s iPad, caught his wife cheating and he is now facing jail for recording a 35-second video of the act.

37-year-old Sean Donis of New Jersey, said that his wife Nancy, asked him to care for their son, now 5, while she went out for dinner with friends in Elizabeth.

While watching his son, Donis was looking for his son’s iPad. He activated the Find My iPhone app on the iPad, and he realized that it had traveled across Rockland County, New York.

Donis, who is a Florist in New Jersey, decided to travel to the location as he had suspected his wife of cheating and he wanted to catch her red-handed.

At the time, Nancy, 38, worked in the billing department at an orthopedics office in Clifton. Her boss, Albert Lopez, lives in Rockland County.

Donis drove to Lopez’s home, and found his wife’s vehicle parked in her boss’ driveway. The heartbroken husband walked into the home through an unlocked door and went to the upstairs bedroom.

There he found his wife naked in bed with her boss. Nancy jumped out of the bed while her boss ordered Donis out of his home. He left armed with his 35 second video proof of her cheating.

Nancy subsequently filed for divorce and the couple’s 6-year marriage ended in February.

Recently, Donis was notified that he was indicted by a grand jury on charges of unlawful surveillance and felony burglary over the cheating incident.

His defense lawyer Howard Greenberg believes that no jury will find him guilty of those charges and that Donis will be fully exonerated.