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Landlord finds her home trashed after allowing homeless family to live in it

By Mason White 12:50 PM September 5, 2017
The trashed home
The trashed home
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A woman is urging people to use caution when helping strangers.

“Go by your head, and not your heart,” is the warning that Christine Gross of Perth, Australia, is giving other good Samaritans.

This warning came after Gross learned the lesson the hard way.

Gross said that she heard of a mother and her four children who were homeless. As a kindhearted woman, Gross decided to help the family.

She allowed them to move into her nice three bedroom rental property. She charged a very low price as rent, which was all the family could afford to pay. She did not take security deposit and Gross paid the water bills.

The family eventually stopped paying rent, and Gross had a hard time getting them to move out.

After living in the apartment for one year, Gross discovered that her property was trashed. There was clothes, other household items and garbage all over the house and in the backyard.

One room was so full of discarded stuff, and it was impossible to open the door. Then the landlord discovered evidence of drug use. There was a homemade bong in the living room.

The family moved out and left Gross with thousands of dollars worth of damages to her property along with a huge cleanup job.

Gross said that for her it was a hard and an expensive lesson.