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106-year-old woman suffers stroke and faces deportation after being denied asylum in Sweden

By Mason White 1:22 PM September 6, 2017
Bibihal Uzbeki
Bibihal Uzbeki
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) While millions of young refugees have been granted asylum in countries around the world, one elderly woman had her request to live in Sweden denied.

According to her family, 106-year-old Bibihal Uzbeki, who is the world’s oldest asylum seeker, had a stroke after she learned that she will be deported from Sweden.

Uzbeki is now bedridden and is unable to speak, the family said.

The elderly woman made the difficult track to the country. Due to her old age, she was unable to walk so she was carried by her 67-year-old son along with her family of 12.

They arrived in 2015, and applied for asylum. Recently, the family received a letter, stating that their request for asylum was denied.

They left Afghanistan, because of the ongoing war. They then lived illegally in Iran for eight years, before crossing many borders and finally making their way to Sweden, where some of Uzbeki’s grandchildren had been living.

The Swedish Migration Agency confirmed that they had decided to deport the elderly woman. They added that “old age does not in itself provide grounds for asylum.”