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Firefighters rescue woman left dangling upside down while trying to throw poop out window during date

By Mason White 1:16 PM September 6, 2017
The woman (L) the double window (C)
The woman (L) the double window (C)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A woman of the United Kingdom, got into a stinky situation while out on a date, which ended with firefighters being forced to rescue her.

College student Liam Smith of Bristol, posted photos of the dating mishap on GoFundMe, where he asked people for money to help repair his window.

Many people donated money and thanked Smith for turning the embarrassing incident into a funny one.

Smith wrote: “I took a girl I met on Tinder out for my first date.

“We had a lovely evening, and enjoyed each other’s company very much. After our meal, we went to my house for a bottle of wine and a Scientology documentary.

“About an hour into Louis Theroux and Chill, my date got up to use the toilet. She returned with a panicked look in her eye, and told me she had something to tell me.”

The woman told him: “I went for a poop in your toilet and it would not flush. I don’t know why I did this, but I panicked. I reached into the toilet bowl, wrapped it in tissue paper, and threw it out of the window.”

The problem was that his window was not an ordinary one. It was a two pane glass with space in the middle. The poop fell in between the two windows.

Smith offered to break one glass, but the woman said that as an amateur gymnast, she was convinced that she could reach into the window and pull the poop out.

She managed to pull the poop out, but when she tried to get out of the window, she was unable to free herself. Smith tried helping her, but he was unsuccessful.

After 15 minutes, he decided to call the fire department for help and they freed the woman.