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Meteorologist farts during live television broadcast

By Mason White 4:01 PM September 7, 2017
Meteorologist Chris Dunn
Meteorologist Chris Dunn
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) An Alabama couple was surprised to see a meteorologist bend over and fart during a live television broadcast.

Kristi Heller said that the incident unfolded during the weather report on Sunday night.

Heller and her husband were watching the weather report on Local 15 News, when Meteorologist Chris Dunn bent over and farted.

Heller and her husband laughed hysterically, and rewinded the report to make sure they heard correctly.

Heller recorded the live weather report, and posted the video to YouTube and Facebook, where it went viral.

The video shows Dunn reporting the weather before moving to the end of the camera’s view.

He then bent over so that his backside moved out of the camera’s view.

He can then be heard farting while continuing with his weather report.

Dunn has received an Emmy Award for his outstanding skill as a meteorologist.

In addition to working in Alabama, he has reported the weather in Phoenix, Arizona, Denver, Colorado, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

He has also provides weather forecasts for viewers in Miami, and along the Gulf Coast in Fort Myers, Florida.