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Woman overwhelmed from pain during labor commits suicide by jumping out of hospital window

By Mason White 12:52 PM September 7, 2017
Ma in the hospital
Ma in the hospital
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A young woman in China, was so overwhelmed from pain during labor that she committed suicide by jumping out of a hospital window.

Now, the hospital is blaming the family for the death while the family is accusing the hospital.

The woman who was identified as 26-year-old Ma, was admitted to the Yulin Number 1 People’s Hospital in Shaanxi, as she was in labor.

Hospital officials said in a statement that doctors advised Ma’s family that she should undergo a Cesarean section because the baby’s head was big.

Doctors feared that a vaginal delivery would likely be risky for the mother and baby.

However, it was not their choice. Under the law, family members must give permission for a woman to undergo a C-section.

The hospital released the documents and videos to support their claim. The documents show that Ma and her husband had signed forms, declaring their desire to go ahead with a natural delivery despite knowing the risks.

However, when the pain became too much to bear, Ma changed her mind over the C-section. Her family did not agree and encouraged her to go ahead with the natural birth.

A video released from the hospital shows Ma kneeling on the ground while her husband and other family members were next to her.

Hospital officials said that the woman was begging her family members to allow her to undergo the C-section as the pain was too much for her.

A nurse was seen comforting Ma and helping her up from the floor.

At about 8:00 p.m., after failing to convince her family over the C-section, Ma went to the window of the maternity ward, which was on the fifth-floor, and she jumped out.

Both she and the fetus did not survive the fall. The case was ruled to be a suicide.

Now, Ma’s husband is defending himself against accusations that he and his family are responsible for the death of the woman.

He claims that doctors offered to do the C-section at first, but by the time they were ready for it, doctors no longer wanted to.

After reviewing the case, police reportedly sided with the hospital.