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Doctors find drinking glass inside man’s body after it was pushed into his behind

By Mason White 12:41 PM September 7, 2017
The drinking glass after being removed
The drinking glass after being removed
By: William Martin

A man of China, went to a hospital after suffering from severe abdominal and back pain.

He told doctors that he suffered from pain for two days, before it became unbearable, forcing him to seek help.

However, the 33-year-old married father who lives in Guangzhou, did not disclose the cause of his pain.

When doctors took X-rays, they were shocked to find a 3-inch tall and 2-inch wide drinking glass inside the man’s body.

The glass got stuck in the upper part of his rectum. If left untreated, it could have caused the man’s death.

Doctors had to carefully remove the drinking glass to prevent it from shattering inside the man.

He spent a few days recovering at the hospital before being discharged.