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Woman reveals reason her love struck father wore the same shirt for the past 20 years

By Mason White 1:37 PM September 8, 2017
Ria's father (L) on honeymoon with her mother (R)
Ria’s father (L) on honeymoon with her mother (R)
By: Mason White

A woman is overwhelmed by the response she received after sharing the heartbreaking story of her father who wore the same old shirt for many years.

24-year-old Ria of Japan, said that she grew up seeing her father wearing the same green polo short shirt with yellow collar and cuffs all the time.

She never knew why her father used the shirt for every special occasion and repaired it by himself when it was torn.

However, recently, this all changed and it all became clear to her. Ria was cleaning out the basement of her grandfather’s home after he passed away.

She found photos of her parents’ honeymoon.

During the honeymoon, her father was wearing the very same polo shirt while her mother wore a matching shirt, which was yellow with a green collar and cuffs.

The couple looked very happy in their photos. However, their happiness was cut short when Ria’s mother passed away 18 years ago.

Ria said that she suddenly realized that her father was wearing this shirt because it had so many happy memories.

Ria added that her father never remarried and he committed his life to raising Ria and her younger brother.

Ria posted photos of her father wearing the green polo shirt on his honeymoon and at 60 years old.