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40-year-old female cafeteria worker had sex with student in school kitchen

By Mason White 1:56 PM September 8, 2017
Aimee Chevalier
Aimee Chevalier
By: Mason White

A woman was arrested for engaging in a sexual relationship with a teenager, according to police in Florida.

40-year-old Aimee Chevalier worked in the cafeteria at Hernando Christian Academy, when she was arrested for having a sexual relationship with the male student.

Police said that Chevalier admitted to her illicit relationship with the boy when questioned by police officers.

Authorities said that the relationship began with a “sexting-type relationship,” which then turned physical.

The two exchanged about 100 sexually explicit text messages, which included nude photos and videos.

In some of the videos, the woman was seen performing sex acts on herself.

The teenager eventually agreed to meet in the school kitchen, where the pair engaged in sexual activities, according to police.

The 40 year-old woman told officers that the two had planed to have sex during an open house party at one of his friends’ homes when the parents of that friend were away, according to the police report.

Chevalier was charged with illegal sexual activity with a minor and transmission of harmful material to a minor.

Police did not publicly disclose the age of the boy, but they said that Chevalier admitted that she was aware of the boy’s age and that her actions were wrong.