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Police nab female kidnapper after becoming suspicious when she gave newborn baby cold milk

By Mason White 2:03 PM September 8, 2017
The suspect with the baby
The suspect with the baby
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A transport security officer who was about to retire, saved a baby from being sold for profit.

Officer Liu Ruiguo of China, who was in the last month of his longtime job, spotted a mother holding a newborn baby, and something did not seem right to him.

During an overnight train ride from Chengdu to Zhengzhou, Ruiguo witnesses the woman pouring cold milk in the baby’s bottle, and feeding it to the newborn.

The officer kept a close eye on the woman, and he eventually
stopped her in the dining car area, where he questioned her and asked her to present identification.

The 38-year-old woman from the Sichuan Province, claimed the baby was her fifth child, and she was not yet one month old.

She claimed that she was traveling to Anhui, to meet her husband who was a seasonal worker.

While being questioned, the woman asked to use the bathroom.

Ruiguo allowed her to go, but he had another security officer stand outside the door. That officer overheard the woman making a call.

Ruiguo confiscated her cellphone and called the number. A man picked up and identified himself as the woman’s husband.

While he was questioned, the “husband” said that they have three children, and not 5 like the woman said.

Officers searched the woman’s belongings and they found a few pampers, but she had not extra clothes for the baby.

The woman was taken to a police station. When she was interrogated by police in Henan, the woman confessed that she bought the baby in Sichuan for 16,000 yuan ($2,400) and that she was planning to sell the baby for 30,000 yuan ($4,600).