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Father’s truck skids off road causing him to die in same river his 2 sons drowned 4 years ago

By Mason White 1:02 PM September 10, 2017
Jesse H. Bullock
Jesse H. Bullock
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A family that had been through a lot of sorrow, has been stricken with a tragedy again.

37-year-old Jesse H. Bullock, who was a father of four children, died on Thursday morning, in the same river where two of his children tragically lost their lives.

Police said that his truck skidded off the highway and entered the Edwards River near Moline, Illinois. He died not far from the spot where his two boys drowned in 2013.

The boys went to the river to cool off like everyone else in the community did.

However, while they were inside, the water “went from being about a foot deep to 15 feet deep,” their mother, Emily Bullock, said.

Brothers Jesse Bullock Jr., 12, and Nic, 9, were unable to get out and drowned. Their cousin, Jaime Vermast, was able to rescue the couple’s six-year-old son Thomas.

Now, just four years later, Emily lost her husband in the same river. Jesse leaves behind his wife and two children.