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Woman draws swastika on baby bottle and turns into bong

By Mason White 3:43 PM September 10, 2017
Baby bottle swastika bong
Baby bottle swastika bong
By: Alexis Bell

Police in Australia, were surprised to find a baby bottle that was altered to be used as a bong.

Wanneroo Police said that they entered a home to investigate a criminal matter when they found the bong baby bottle, which had a swastika drawn on it.

The incident unfolded on Sunday evening, in Banksia Grove.

A 30-year-old woman was taken into custody, and will be charged with possession of a drug-use implement.

Police took a photo of the weird bong and posted it on Twitter, where it went viral.

The Wanneroo Police wrote: “just when you thought you had seen it all.”

Police said that it was bad to alter a baby bottle into a bong for the use of drugs and even worse to draw a symbol of hate on it.

The bottle was kept on the kitchen table.

Police Sergeant Simon Hazell said that people with substance abuse issues will do anything to satisfy their additions.