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Naked 22-year-old drummer asks neighbor for help after killing his grandparents and mother

By Mason White 4:43 PM September 11, 2017
Orion Krause
Orion Krause
By: Alexis Bell

A family was left devastated over the loss of 3 family members who were murdered.

Police were called to a home after 22-year-old Orion Krause of Groton, Massachusetts, arrived to his neighbors’ home completely naked and with blood on him.

The neighbors, Walter and Thelka Alcocer, called police. They said that the young man claimed that he murdered four people and was asking for sleeping pills.

The neighbors did not take his murder claim seriously, and they said: “He looked like a nice kid who needed help. I thought he was the victim of a prank, in an accident or had a mental health problem. He wasn’t bleeding profusely or anything.”

However, when police went to his home, police found four bodies. Police called the incident a “tragic incident of family violence.”

Authorities did not identify the victims, but family friend Sherman Stanley said that the victims were Krause’s mother, his grandparents and his grandparents’ caretaker.

Krause recently graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio, and was known for his love of music. He was a Jazz drummer.

Krause was wrapped in a white sheet as he was taken to the police car and was arrested for the murders.