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Three women stage 35 different accidents and rob victims while exchanging information

By Mason White 4:32 PM September 11, 2017
The suspects
The suspects
By: William Martin

Police in Nevada, arrested three women who are accused of staging accident scenes to rob drivers.

Police began receiving reports from people who believed they fell prey to the suspects who staged fake accidents.

Over the following months, detectives were able to identify 35 people who were victims by the same gang of women.

Police said that the group of 3 to 5 women who were in a car, pulled close to the victims and signaled them to pull over.

Once the victims stopped, they were told that they had hit the suspects’ vehicle and needed to exchange information.

In some cases, one suspect would distract the victims while another suspect would remove valuable items from the victims’ vehicles.

In other cases, the suspects damaged the victims’ vehicles while distracting the drivers, and they showed old damage to their vehicle and claiming it was caused by the victims.

The suspects blackmailed the victims into giving them cash for the damage on the spot.

In one case, the suspects forced the victim to drive them to another location to recover cash.

One day, police were called to a store over a shoplifting incident and arrested a woman. Someone tipped off police that the shoplifting suspect was part of the fake accident gang.

Detectives have since arrested three of the five suspects. They were identified as Amanda Miller, 19, Sophia Nicholas, 28, and Barbara Miller, 38.