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Waitress with small breasts furious after being told she must wear bra to work

By Mason White 4:38 PM September 11, 2017
Genevieve Loiselle
Genevieve Loiselle
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A woman of Canada, took to social media to express her anger after she was told that she must wear a bra to work.

Genevieve Loiselle, who is a waitress at East Side Mario’s in Timmins, Ontario, feels that her human rights have been violated because she was ordered to wear a bra at work.

She turned to the Timmins Empowered Women social media page, where she expressed her anger and asked people for support.

She wrote: “I am turning to social media for support.

“When I arrived at work tonight, I was called into my manager’s office. She firmly stated that I must start wearing a bra to work.

“As a feminist, I made a personal choice not to wear one. I explained to her that it is my right as a woman and as a person not to wear one.

“She replied that it was part of my uniform. I asked to see our uniform policy: no statements regarding brassieres.

“Before I left her office, she stated (while looking at my breasts) ‘I can clearly see your nipples and that they are pierced.’

“I felt judged, harassed and ashamed. I told her that it was not my fault that people sexualized women’s bodies and that it was a sexist comment. I felt belittled, humiliated, harassed and deprived of my right to speak.

“Afterwards, my manager and a supervisor approached me in front of all employees, waitresses and the kitchen staff (only men) to ask me my reasoning behind my decision not to wear a bra. She asked if I had a medical reason.

“I asked her if she had asked the employee who submitted the complaint their reasoning as to why they were offended and she said ‘no.’

“She replied that she could not ask guests their reasoning behind the comments and I told her I agreed with her, but I felt like she could have stood up for me when other staff members approached her.

“She later called me back to her office, shouting. She stated that I was creating a toxic environment as I had informed a team member what had happened.

“I had a horrible week, and I needed the support of the team.

“I am turning to social media and to the community for help. I am not sure what to do. Not only am I hurt by what was imposed to me and the sexist comments that were said, but I felt like all my rights were taken away.

“Isn’t a manager supposed to support me and make me feel as though I am an important part of the team? I am looking for guidance and support from you. Please do not hesitate to communicate with me.”