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Woman finds camera containing videos of her brother’s wife engaging in sex act with dog

By Mason White 4:36 PM September 11, 2017
Rachael Harris with Corey Harris
Rachael Harris with Corey Harris
By: Tanya Clark

A woman called police after seeing videos that were recorded by her brother, showing her sister-in-law engaging in sex act with a dog.

The woman turned the camera over to police. The videos were recorded by Corey Dean Harris, 24.

Police in Pennsylvania, recovered four videos from the camera that showed Rachael Harris, 20, of Curwensville, attempting to have sex with the dog.

Harris pleaded guilty to eight counts of cruelty to animals, and
four counts each of producing an obscene performance and criminal conspiracy/producing an obscene performance.

Clearfield County judge Paul Cherry told Harris that she need “help big time,” before sentencing her to 90 days to one year in jail.

The judge also ordered that Harris undergo counseling, and she was barred from having any pets or working in a job that involves animals.

Her husband was also sentenced to 30 days to one year in jail after pleading guilty to similar charges. He was also ordered to attend counseling.