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Courier drank woman’s soup and replaced it with his urine before delivering it to customer’s husband at work

By Mason White 12:53 PM September 12, 2017
Thermos (illustration)
Thermos (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A woman who wanted to send some love to her husband, decided to surprise him with fresh soup at work.

The woman of Chengdu, China, made the soup, placed it in a thermos and handed it over to a courier who was supposed to deliver it to her husband.

When the soup arrived, the hardworking husband was indeed pleased. However, when he opened the container, the husband discovered that it had a very bad smell.

The man called his wife and asked her when she made the soup. She ensured her husband that it was freshly cooked.

The husband then called the courier company to complain as he believed that the soup was tampered with.

The middle-age driver who was identified as Xiao Tao, went missing after the customer called his boss.

Tao reached out to the customer through social media, and admitted that he urinated into the container.

Tao explained that he consumed half of it and he wanted to replace the missing soup with water, but when he was unable to find water, he decided to fill it with his urine.

Tao then offered to pay 420 yuan ($64) for a new thermos, but the husband declined the offer.

The company’s operations director got involved and flew from Beijing to Chengdu, to meet with the client and to apologize for what he called “the strangest incident in company history.”

He then worked with police to locate Tao, who was taken into custody and was formally fired from his job.

During questioning, Tao told police that he did not have grievances with the customer, and he simply wanted to refill the thermos to cover up the fact that he consumed some of it.