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Elementary school governor and church warden imports 3 child sex dolls to have sex with them

By Mason White 3:25 PM September 12, 2017
Child sex doll imported by David Turner
Child sex doll imported by David Turner
By: William Martin

An elderly man who volunteered in school and church, admitted to having sex with child sex dolls, but claimed that his behavior was not obscene, according to court documents in the United Kingdom.

David Turner, 72, who was an elementary school governor and church warden, sought a court ruling on whether child sex dolls were obscene.

A court agreed with prosecutors and sentenced Turner to 16 months in prison.

The case was brought before Judge Simon James at the Canterbury Crown Court.

Turner admitted to importing child sex dolls and possessing more than 34,000 images of child sex abuse.

National Crime Agency officers arrested Turner, after Border Force officers intercepted a 3 foot doll, which he was attempting to import from China.

The Border Force led by Fast Parcel Joint Border Intelligence Unit (JBIU) at Stansted Airport, seized the parcel, which was labeled as a mannequin.

It came with a fishnet body-stocking.

When NCA officers searched Turner’s home, they discovered two more child sex dolls, which he kept in his study, and seized a computer, tablets, external hard drives and pen drives.

Turner admitted to possessing indecent images of children, but declined to plead over the doll in the hope a judge would rule it was not indecent or obscene.

Analysis of Turner’s computers showed he viewed websites selling items advertised as “flat chest love doll” and “mini silicone sex doll 65cms little breasts.”

He was in possession of 138 Category A images of child abuse (the most serious), 299 Category B images and 33,619 Category C images.

Children in the images were aged from approximately 3 to 16.

Turner asked Judge James to decide if the doll was indecent or obscene as set out in law.

Judge James, in the first ruling of its kind, decided it was.

Turner said his preference was to view indecent images of children aged 4 to 10, and he admitted to “secretly” taking photographs of girls aged 6 to 11 in public places.

Officers also found 29 fictional stories – which described sexual abuse of children, but fell outside the Obscene Publications Act – when they searched his home in Ramsgate.

After being arrested, Turner resigned as a governor of St. Ethelbert’s Church Primary School in Ramsgate, and from St. Ethelbert and Gertrude Church, where he was a warden.

Turner was placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years, and given an indefinite sexual harm prevention order.