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12 monkeys die from heart attacks after being frightened

By Mason White 12:59 PM September 13, 2017
By: Tanya Clark

People in India, were baffled after finding a group of monkeys dead in a forest clearing.

Uttar Pradesh forest department workers found the monkeys on Monday, in Lakhimpur Kheri.

They released a disturbing video that showed the group of 12 monkeys lying dead next to each other.

The monkeys were placed into bags and the bodies were taken to a vet to determine the cause of death.

Veterinarian Dr. Sanjeev Kumar wrote in the post-mortem report that the monkeys died due to cardiac arrest. He concluded that the monkeys died after being frightened by a tiger’s roar.

However, wildlife experts do not believe his theory. They believe that the monkeys died simultaneously due to an infection that spread among them.

Dr. Brijendra Singh, a veterinarian, is among those who disagree with Dr. Kumar. He pointed out that monkeys are wild animals and that “they don’t die in this manner.”

Dr. Singh also believes that the monkeys may have been suffering from some infection that claimed their lives.