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Man breaks into Baskin-Robbins to steal ice cream cakes while leaving cash untouched

By Mason White 12:37 PM September 13, 2017
The broken freezer
The broken freezer
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A store owner is frustrated over the thousands of dollars worth of damages that was caused to her store by a man who broke in to steal ice cream cakes.

The man of California, who was not wearing a shirt, smashed the front door a short time after workers went home for the day.

The suspect then walked over to the freezer, which had a lock. He smashed the glass of the freezer door, and stole 6 or 7 ice cream cakes.

The man was seen running out the same way he entered, holding the boxes that were filled with ice cream cakes. He did not touch the cash register at any time.

Desiree Brooks, who is the owner of Baskin Robbins in Vallejo, released surveillance video of the break-in because police have not arrested the suspect despite knowing his identity.

Brooks said that the suspect is a homeless man who had tried to steal ice cream cakes in the past.

In order to stop the thefts, she placed a lock on the freezer. However, this did not stop the thief from getting his favorite ice cream treats.

Brooks said that the damage was in the thousands of dollars because freezer doors are very expensive, and with a high insurance deductible, it looks like she will have to pay the cost out-of-pocket.