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Man files false police complaint about being robbed because he was tired of giving money to his wife

By Mason White 12:33 PM September 13, 2017
The suspect in the police station
The suspect in the police station
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) Police in China, released a video, showing the moment a man walked into a police station and claiming he was robbed.

Officers in Hangzhou, took the man’s report very seriously and they began investigating in order to find the suspect.

The man, who was not named, claimed that someone approached him while he was driving his electric bike on the way home from work, and stole his paycheck.

Detective Chen Xi said that the alleged victim answered all questions calmly and did not seem disturbed or panicked at all.

Detectives reviewed traffic cameras of the area where the man claimed that he had been robbed. They saw the man riding his electric bike, but they did not see anyone approach or rob him.

After being confronted with the proof, the man finally admitted that he lied.

According to Xi, the man told detectives that he filed the report in order to convince his wife that he did not have the money.

“My wife asks for money every time I get paid. In the past, I told her that I lost the paycheck or that I spent it all,” Xi said.

“However, I was unable to give her the same excuses so I decided to file a police report,” Xi added.

The man was arrested on charges of filing a false police report. He was sentenced to 10 days in prison and he was ordered to pay a fine of 500 yuan ($85).