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Woman sits down on young train commuter for sitting in seat reserved for the disabled and elderly

By Mason White 4:42 PM September 13, 2017
Woman sits on man's lap
Woman sits on man’s lap
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A young man who refused to give up his train seat for an elderly woman, regretted his action after the commuter sat down on him, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday, on the train in Nanjing city, China.

The incident began when the elderly woman boarded the train and headed to the area designated for vulnerable people, including the disabled and elderly.

When the woman saw a young man in the seat, she ordered him to get up.

However, the young man refused to give up his set for the elderly woman.

An argument broke out, and the woman then sat down on the young man’s lap.

A commuter recorded the incident, and uploaded it to Weibo, where it went viral.

So far, the video was watched by 15 million people.

Some people called on police to arrest the woman for sexual harassment for sitting down on the young man’s lap without his consent.

Earlier in the day, a 58-year-old Sun Moum of Qingdao, assaulted a teenager who refused to give up his train seat.

He was charged with assault.

A judge sentenced Moum to 10 day jail and a 500 yuan ($76) fine.