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Doctors and nurses punished for taking photos and videos of man’s injured genitals

By Mason White 3:29 PM September 14, 2017
Hospital (illustration)
Hospital (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

Doctors and nurses at a hospital were disciplined over their failure to protect a patient.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health was called to investigate an incident and later cited the hospital in Everett, for multiple violations.

According to the report, a man was brought into UPMC Bedford Memorial for a genital injury.

Doctors determined that the man needed to undergo surgery to remove a foreign object from his genitals.

While the patient was under anesthesia, some doctors and nurses, who were not in charge of the patient’s care, came into the operating room to see the injury and to take photos of the man’s genitals.

One employee reported the incident to hospital officials, who launched an investigation and they notified the health department.

During the investigation, one employee claimed that a doctor asked for a photo be taken with an operating room camera “so it can be used for future medical lectures,” according to the health department.

The employee claimed that the camera was broken, and therefore, personal cell phones were used.

However, when the health department checked the camera, it was determined that it was working, but was complicated to use.

The health department originally believed that only one such photo existed, but they learned that this was not the case. Many hospital staff members took photos and videos. They were then shared with a spouse and other hospital employees.

As a result of the simultaneous investigations, one doctor who was in the room despite not being involved in the patient’s care, was suspended for 28 days and required to complete 18 credits related to privacy and ethics.

Another doctor was suspended for 7 days. The surgical services nursing director was fired.