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Man bites breast of 14-year-old girl during Green Day concert after being banned from buying alcohol

By Mason White 5:47 PM September 14, 2017
Joel Brian Dauncey
Joel Brian Dauncey
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A man from Canada, who became angry because he was barred from buying alcohol at a Green Day concert, bit a young girl on her breast, according to police in Oregon.

Portland police said that they have arrested 34-year-old Joel Brian Dauncey of Vancouver, after being accused of assaulting the 14-year-old girl.

In court, Dauncey pleaded no contest to harassment of a sexual or intimate body part.

Circuit Judge Angel Lopez sentenced Dauncey to 30 days in prison and 11 months of probation.

He was banned from drinking alcohol or using drugs.

Dauncey is not allowed to work at any business connected to alcoholic beverages.

According to the police investigation, Dauncey traveled from Vancouver to Portland, to attend the Green Day concert held at the Moda Center.

Security guard Pamela McNeal told police that she observed Dauncey having too many drinks, and banned him from purchasing additional alcoholic beverages.

At some point, Dauncey approached the 14-year-old girl who was dancing next to her mother, and he bit her on the breast.

McNeal escorted him out of the Moda Center, and Dauncey was arrested.

The girl told police that the bite was painful.

Dauncey admitted that he regularly drinks alcohol and uses cocaine.