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Parents die after trying to rescue their son who was killed by falling into volcanic crater containing gas and boiling mud

By Mason White 5:53 PM September 14, 2017
Tiziana Zaramella and Lorenzo Carrer
Tiziana Zaramella and Lorenzo Carrer
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Three family members died after falling into a volcanic crater in Naples.

Pozzuoli police said that the father, mother and their 11-year-old son was visiting the Campi Flegrei volcanic area as part of a family vacation.

On Tuesday, 11-year-old Lorenzo Carrer of Meolo, wandered into an area that was off limits to tourists.

He fell into the Solfatara crater and disappeared.

His father, 45-year-old Massimiliano Carrer, tried to rescue his son, but he also fell into the crater.

When he failed to resurface, Massimiliano’s wife, 42-year-old Tiziana Zaramella, tried to rescue her family.

She too was overcome by the fumes and boiling mud and died.

The couple’s younger child, 7-year-old Alessio, managed to escape from the scene unharmed.

He was handed over to social workers, and the boy was given to the custody of his grandparents.

According to the police investigation, the ground at the Solfatara volcanic crater area is very unstable.

After Lorenzo wandered into the area, there was a minor explosion and the boy was sucked into the crater.

Firefighters who responded to the scene, managed to recover the three dead bodies.

Pozzuoli mayor Vincenzo Figliolia said that this was the first time anyone died at the Solfatara volcanic crater.