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Woman spots mother’s lost wedding photos being sold in antique shop

By Mason White 3:41 PM September 14, 2017
Jane Fine Foster with the photos
Jane Fine Foster with the photos
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A woman was shocked to find her mother’s wedding photos being sold in an antique shop.

Jane Fine Foster was shopping in Grand Junction, Colorado, when she spotted a very familiar picture frame that carried three photos of her mother in her wedding gown.

Foster said that she was shocked and overwhelmed to see the photos, which she had given up on finding it.

She explained that this frame had been on her parents’ wall “all her life.”

The photo that was taken at her parents’ wedding in 1948, went missing after her family placed her parents’ belongings in a storage facility.

Sadly, in 2003, they missed some payments and the contents were sold.

After learning that her parents’ items were sold at an auction, Foster said that she made many phone calls trying to locate the photos and other mementos that meant so much to her family, but would have little value to others.

Her efforts were fruitless and she failed to retrieve any of her parents’ belongings. This is why Foster was so overwhelmed when she spotted the photos.

Foster went into Robin’s Nest Antiques, where she spotted the photos in the display window and shared her story with the owner.

To her surprise, the owner led her to a large box, which he said carried the photo when he bought it. Inside the box, was her mother’s wedding dress.

The owner handed the wedding dress and photos to Foster.

Foster said that her mother died in 2013, and having her treasured memories back made her feel like her mother was still with her.