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Father beaten by neighbors after raping his daughters and infecting one of them with HIV

By Mason White 12:35 PM September 15, 2017
Salongo Christopher Kityo
Salongo Christopher Kityo
By: Emily Lewis

Neighbors of a rapist decided to carry out rough justice by beating him.

According to police, Namiiro Kityo of Uganda, a mother who works a few jobs to support her family, came home late one night to find her husband naked and passed out drunk.

The woman’s 11-year-old daughter told her mother that she was in pain after she was raped by her father.

Namiiro went to a security guard in her neighborhood and asked him to call police. While waiting for police to arrive, neighbors heard about the rape.

They went into the home and attacked 37-year-old Salongo Christopher Kityo. The man was severely beaten before police arrived.

Officer took the father to Entebbe General Hospital for treatment before being transferred to Mpala Police Post, where he was charged with rape.

The mother said that her older daughter has since confessed to being raped by her father and tests confirmed that she was infected with HIV.

Namiiro said that her husband spends most of his time smoking opium and marijuana in addition to drinking alcohol while she is the sole provider for her family.

During questioning, the father denied the allegations that he raped his daughters. He claims that his wife “carefully planned the whole incident in order to get possession of his plot of land.”

Mpala Police officer Joseph Ssekitoleko said that Salongo will be charged with aggravated defilement for engaging in a sexual act with a child who is under the age of 17.