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16-year-old girl collapses and dies after eating her own hair

By Mason White 1:30 PM September 15, 2017
Jasmine Beever
Jasmine Beever
By: Mason White

A teenage girl suddenly passed away after eating her own hair over a prolonged period of time, according to doctors in the United Kingdom.

16-year-old Jasmine Beever of Skegness, suffered from a condition known as Rapunzel syndrome.

Beever chewed and swallowed her own hair, and slowly, a large hairball built up in her stomach.

The stomach is unable to break down hair.

On Thursday, Beever collapsed while she attended a class in college.

She went home to rest.

Later that day, her mother realized that Beever was no longer conscious.

She called an ambulance, and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Doctors managed to resuscitate the teenager, but she died 15 minutes later.

An autopsy revealed that Beever had a large hairball in her stomach, which caused an inflammation in the intestine.

She then got an ulcer.

On Thursday, the ulcer became infected and it burst, sending her into cardiac arrest.

Beever’s vital organs then shut down and she died.