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Woman beats husband because he disturbed her while she was pleasuring herself in locked bedroom

By Mason White 11:56 AM September 15, 2017
Flavia and Garrett Higgs
Flavia and Garrett Higgs
By: Mason White

A woman was arrested for beating her husband when he barged into her room without permission.

The woman of Florida, told police that she hit her husband in the face because he entered her bedroom while she was “pleasuring herself,” according to the police report.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at a home in Port St. Lucie.

They found 43-year-old Garrett Higgs standing in the driveway of the home that he shared with his wife, 42-year-old Flavia.

Higgs told the cops that he and his wife had not been intimate over a year, and they sleep in separate bedrooms.

Higgs told police that he walked into the house at around 12:30 a.m., and heard his wife moaning. Higgs knocked on the door, but it was locked and he received no response.

Higgs told police that he thought his wife was in the room with another man. The angry husband used a screwdriver to open the door.

Flavia tried to block her husband from entering the room. The couple got into an argument and Flavia, hit her husband in the face.

Flavia told police that their relationship was failing and that she was pleasuring herself when her husband entered the room.

None of the parties suffered any injuries, but since Flavia was the first to initiate physical contact, she was arrested.

Flavia, who reportedly works as a licensed private investigator, was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.