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Bride pretends to arrange groom’s bachelor party before stealing his friends’ money and dumping him

By Mason White 2:16 PM September 17, 2017
Rachel Doran and Chris Mahone
Rachel Doran and Chris Mahone
By: William Martin

A groom of the United Kingdom, thought his bride was very generous when she offered to arrange his bachelor party.

However, the deceitful woman had other plans as she ran away with money and called off the wedding.

Chris Mahone, 27, and his friends of Cumbria, were excited to travel to Ibiza, Spain, to celebrate his bachelor party.

The group of 29 friends paid a total of £13,200 (about $17,500) for the airline tickets and hotel rooms.

However, when the group arrived at the Leeds-Bradford airport, they learned that they had been conned by the bride, 29-year-old Rachel Doran.

Doran had given the men documents, which appeared to be from a tour company, but they turned out to be fake.

After learning that their tickets were never paid for, the groom called the hotel, where they were supposed to stay, and he learned that the rooms were never booked either.

When Mahone tried called his fiancee for an explanation, she had vanished from the home they shared, and she went into hiding.

Since some of the men had taken time off from work, they decided to go ahead with their planned trip despite losing their money to Doran’s scam.

They paid for last minute tickets to Magaluf, and they had a fun vacation.

The friends uploaded photos of their vacation to social media.

However, the brokenhearted groom was not in the mood of
going on a trip. He went home to file a police report against Doran.

Mahone, who works at the Sellafield nuclear plant, posted a message on Facebook, in which he apologized to his friends.

He wrote: “Words cannot describe the pain and feelings that are playing with my head today.

“I totally want to apologize to all my fantastic mates who were going to celebrate what was supposed to be my stag do.

“I can’t apologize enough. I’m sorry boys, I really am.”