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Sneaky tourist caught on video stealing store employee’s cell phone in front of her

By Mason White 2:13 PM September 17, 2017
The victim and the suspect
The victim and the suspect
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A swift tourist managed to steal a woman’s phone that was right in front of her.

Surveillance video from the convenience store in Guangzhou, China, went viral on social networks.

The video shows the tourist buying a few bottles of alcohol. He took his merchandise to the counter to pay for them.

As he was standing at the counter, the man spotted the employee’s iPhone and he decided to steal it.

In the video clip, the foreigner was seen pointing with one hand to ask for the prices of various items on the counter while he used his other hand to swiftly snatch the woman’s cellphone.

He then placed it in his pocket.

By the time the employee realized that her phone had disappeared, the customer already left the store.

The woman called police. They located the man nearby, and he was arrested. The man was brought back to the store, where the woman identified him.

Photos also emerged, showing police inside the suspect’s hotel room, where they looked through his belonging that was inside his suitcase.

The nationality of the man has yet to be revealed by the police.