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Drug dealer humiliated after police bust him with his pants down while sitting on makeshift toilet

By Mason White 4:31 PM September 17, 2017
Jose Spencer Bilbao Rivers
Jose Spencer Bilbao Rivers
By: Emily Lewis

Police in Peru, released a video of the moment a drug dealer was busted with his pants down.

39-year-old Jose Spencer Bilbao Rivers was arrested by the police while he was sitting and relieving himself in a small white bucket.

Police raided his home in Lima, where they discovered large amounts of cocaine.

Rivers told police that he had diarrhea, and that he did not know there were drugs prepared for sale on his property.

Police however, said that Rivers was preparing the bags of cocaine on the ground floor, and he only ran upstairs when he heard them coming into his home.

Officer who had a search warrant for the premises, went upstairs, where they confronted Rivers while he was relieving himself.

Police interviewed the man while he was sitting on the makeshift toilet. During the interview, the man was seen grabbing a roll of tissues that was nearby.

At first, the defendant denied that the drugs belonged to him.

He eventually admitted that for the past few months, he had been selling drugs that had been left following his personal use.